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If having the experience of learning Spanish in a friendly city in Colombia while spending time with people and learning from their culture is what you are looking for, this is the course for you.
Welcome to a community of people from different parts of the world willing to learn and improve their Spanish proficiency.

The UCM (Universidad Catolica de Manizales) has developed the Spanish as a Foreign Language Program “UCM Global ELE” which integrates the academic experience of learning Spanish for communication and specific purposes with a cultural immersion in a region privileged by its Coffee Cultural Landscape (UNESCO World Heritage).

Students use the language since the first day of class as they are motivated to participate and communicate; develop linguistic and pragmatic skills by applying what they learn in real contexts; enjoy an immersion time in a friendly city in the coffee region in Colombia.

This course is offered year-round starting typically in February and August, based on the CEFR (A1-A2-B1-B2).
Intensive and immersive courses are also offered in January, June and July.


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    Spanish UCM Global

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